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I have no story of healing. Well, maybe I am healing very slowly. He came into my life as a caring friend when I was going through a very rough period. He was compassionate and supportive but would disappear whenever I actually leaned on him. He would tell me we were just friends but then ask me for financial and sexual favours and I, thinking that he’d change hia view of me, would oblige. He would periodically disappear from my life very suddenly and just neglect to talk to me or completely forget I exist. It came to a point where I was planning to commit suicide. By then he had taken thousands of pounds in financial favours and still assure me cheekily that he feels absolutely nothing for me. I am still in contact with him. Maybe I still hope that he will love me. We meet only when it’s convenient for him or when it’s an occasion that I give him gifts. Otherwise he’s online all day long and doesn’t even acknowledge me. I feel very hurt and angry. I don’t know what to do!


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