Would You Like a Coaching Session with Me?


If you are struggling with sadness, depression, grief, emotional overwhelm, anxiety or even thoughts of suicide…
I want to help you.

Do you want to start feeling better? Are you looking for a way to get past, over, and through this horribly difficult period in your life? Do you just want some peace and happiness again?

I know this: it IS possible for you to feel better, no matter what you’re struggling with right now. I bet you’re tired of feeling terrible.

It’s likely that the people who care about you want you to become emotionally strong, happy and healthy.  You deeply want this for yourself.

You sense it is time for you to get on the road to recovery, but maybe you’re feeling a little lost and overwhelmed…scared, exhausted and confused. Any of that is completely normal after some big “atomic bomb” explodes in the middle of your life.  (Believe me, I remember!)

If you have suffered enough, I’m sticking out a helping hand. I’m offering you some support, encouragement and even guidance in your quest for your “new normal”. You can get to a happier, more peaceful place. 

If you’re feeling sad, depressed, blue, alone, lonely, ideas about death flitting through your mind sometimes, overwhelmend by your emotions, stuck in grief, anger or sorrow, or like you’re the only one who can understand your pain, like you’re sick and tired of waiting to feel better after all that has happened to you…that’s your heart telling you it’s time to get some help.

Some people feel so hopeless they wish they would not even wake up tomorrow. Maybe you’ve even been thinking what it might be like to commit suicide.  Here’s the truth: Your life can get better. You can stop the depression.  Don’t give up or resign yourself to being sad forever.  

You’re going to make it through this. Promise.

If you long to share your feelings and thoughts with someone – and find out how and when you can start feeling better, here’s your opportunity. If you’re tired of hurting so bad day after day, it’s time to save yourself. 

Feeling better will happen when you get yourself the resources you need. If you’d like to benefit now from working with a uniquely qualified healing professional, someone who has been through her own long list of traumas and dramas, and emerged with wisdom, insight and compassion for you, schedule a session.

You can figure out how to be happy – again or even for the first time 

I am offering you a unique coaching experience because you are facing a big, painful time in your life. Maybe it’s something like unending sadness, sorrow, guilt, depression or anxiety caused by natural or manmade disaster or tragedy, violence, loss or death, even the death of your child.

When we talk, you’ll have a caring person who can listen to you asking the super tough questions and wrestling your demons in a safe, open, supportive environment. I will “hold a space” for you to talk frankly about your issues and conflicts, your emotions and your struggles. I offer you safety, encouragement, and whatever level of support, guidance, advice and reflection you want, so you can get your life back as soon as you are ready. It’s easy to start on our journey together. Set up your first session today and see what a difference talking to someone who cares and who has “been there” will make in your well-being.


If time healed, wouldn’t you be feeling better by now automatically?

If your loved ones are tired of hearing about your troubles, or worse – if they are going through their own painit’s probably time to call in some outside help.  (You already know that or you wouldn’t be reading this page right now.)  Imagine how great it will feel to know you’re at last on the Road to Recovery.

You can become a happier person – no matter what has happened to you.


Here’s How It Works:

1. Sessions are one hour. They can be done via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp or phone, your choice. You have the option of requesting in advance that your session be recorded, so you can listen to it again later if you want to do so.

2. Everything you share will be kept confidential. You can feel safe saying anything you need to say, expressing any feelings or thoughts you want. Nothing is off limits. Emotions are always raw when you’re going through as much pain as you are. That’s to be expected, until you start healing.

3. Sessions with Wendy are just $50 per hour.. That’s less than half the price of a traditional therapy session. When you purchase your session, you will be emailed a scheduling link immediately. It will display a calendar that will help you choose the date and time that works best with your schedule. There are day and evening sessions available.

4. At the appointed time, you initiate the call – either by calling the provided toll-free number (in the USA), or logging into Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.  You can bring up to two other people on the call with you, if that will help you.

I’ll be ready and waiting to talk to you. Because of my own journey so far, going through a lot of stuff and helping a lot of other people through theirs, I seem to have developed the ability to guide people along their own healing journey with good results. Chances are high that working with me will help you to get a new perspective on what you are facing, find the resilience to start to get through it, and move to a place emotionally where you can see options, solutions and a happier life on the other side.

My goal is to give you objective, compassionate feedback; a fresh perspective; and to support you as you heal and recover from this difficult time in your life. If you’d like my help, please click below.


I am *NOT* a certified therapist nor am I a licensed mental health professional. My degree is exclusively from the “school of hard knocks.” I’ve survived a lot of crazy stuff, gathered a lot of wisdom from coaches, therapists, books, classes, courses and teachers who have helped me, and now I’ve been honored to help many other people as a result. By purchasing private coaching time with me, you agree to take full responsibility for wisely, safely and responsibly evaluating and applying any ideas, suggestions, advice or perspectives shared.

Are you working with a therapist already?

Do you have your own private reasons for not wanting to work with a therapist or psychiatrist?  You may desperately need help but cannot afford their rates right now. That’s pretty common, since many insurance plans won’t cover you when you need this kind of valuable help. Maybe you don’t want anyone to prescribe you drugs, or you don’t want someone who will only listen to you but not say anyway. Real, paid therapy has helped me at different times in my life, and at other times, not so much. I know that some people who are already seeing a professional need someone to talk to in between therapy sessions. Whatever your reasons, I’ll be glad to help you. It’s all going to be OK. Promise.

If you are actively suicidal, call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline immediately at 1-800-273-8255.

They are open 24/7.