Are you hurting today?

Do you want some comfort and direction to help you get through this difficult time?
My heart goes out to you. I’ve struggled through lots of difficult things in my life, and those struggles led me to research the best strategies for coping with all sorts of hardships.

In the webinars I offer below, I share the of what I’ve learned so far so you can start feeling better right away.

If the time or date doesn’t work for you, no worries! Every participant will get a copy of the recording once it is completed. You can listen to it whenever you wish — as often as you wish. And once the webinar is over, it gets converted into a “Video Training” that you can see by clicking “Products” above.

The list of offered topics changes often to serve different needs, so please check back again or click “Contact Us” above and suggest a topic you’d like to hear more about.

I know for certain that if you’re stuck struggling with pain, grief or trauma months or even years after bad things happened in your life, you CAN get better. There IS help. You don’t have to feel this way forever. Promise.

$10 nominal fee per webinar allows us to continue this work. Wendy

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