When people are hurting, every aspect of their lives is affected.

Who among us hasn’t brought a bad work day home?  People bring their work problems home and their home problems to work, damaging their effectiveness in both environments.  But what about those times when we’re facing way more than just one bad day? Then what happens?

  • Performance suffers
  • People overreact
  • Tempers flair
  • Cooperation plummets – and so does morale
  • Customers, patients, clients and other stakeholders leave
  • Time, energy and opportunities get wasted
  • Increased turnover and sick days
  • The company loses money
  • Enthusiasm for the job or the home life wanes
  • and more

Wendy’s proven programs offer smart solutions to this dilemma.  Each presentation will be carefully and compassionately customized for the needs of each particular group.  The focus is all about helping people manage life’s pain – whether they are facing the little annoyances that happen to everyone or the really big things.  There are two goals: learning how to manage those trials, troubles and traumas better AND to give each participant tools to really help them find the inner reserve to thrive, to come out on top, to experience a meaningful, joyful existence again – at work and at home.

These programs help people work with enthusiasm and live life fully – no matter what has happened to them.

Unfortunately, Wendy’s remarkable life tragedies have uniquely qualified her to help audiences facing even the most difficult experiences.  She has been thrown into the abyss of anguish and emerged as victorious – and she can guide the people you care for to do the same.

Wendy’s programs are meant for corporate and general public audiences seeking a higher level of resilience. She also delivers Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs to help doctors and other healthcare personnel.

Wendy's Most Requested Topics

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Wendy Keller with Dr. Phil

“Little did I know that I was born to be an entrepreneur and a powerful leader for thousands of fellow women entrepreneurs.  Growing up, I never felt like the corporate life was for me…Everything changed in 2002 when I met Wendy Keller…the speaker I booked to talk at our holiday dinner. I had no idea the profound impact her speech would have on me and the women who gathered to hear her message.  Wendy spoke with such passion, conviction, vulnerability and strength that every woman in the hotel ballroom that night had mascara running down her face and turned the tablecloths into tissues to wipe their eyes, myself included.”

Christine Kloser, Founder, Network for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs.

“You stole the whole show, I just wanted to tell you that. You were fabulous today. A great and precious speaker.”

Cavett Robert, Founder, National Speakers Association

“I expressed this a bit after you spoke, but I just wanted to write again to let you know how much [your speech] meant to me. Besides being extremely informative, it was a lot of fun, and I honestly could have stayed for several hours longer – painlessly!  Your final note brought a tear to my eye – I was touched by your incredible story and reminded of my own trials and tribulations of the past year.  Trite as it may sound, your message and encouragement really hit home.  Thank you for an enlightening evening!”

Janet Grey

“Thank you for your terrific presentation…It was exciting, entertaining and encouraging.  I was very touched that you were able to tell us about your survival after the terrible accident and the loss of your children.  You are an inspiration to all of us.”

Karen Sivy

“For your expertise, your truth-telling, your courage and your impact…applause, applause!  The session was so dynamic.”

Linda Shields

“I just wanted to thank you so much for a fantastic seminar! I left the seminar feeling energized, inspired, and with a renewed sense of certainty.  I can’t believe how much you shared and offered…for this I am so grateful to you!  I love your no-nonsense approach coupled with humor.  You also radiated such a warm energy.  You are an incredible human being.”

Julie Petrella, PhD

“You are an extraordinary person who has achieved so much despite the great distance you have had to travel on ill-paved roads … I will never stop admiring your courage and creativity. Your ability to rise above the “background” of unbelievable hardships and remain compassionate, creative and good-hearted astounds me.”

Fred Ciporen, Former Publisher, Publisher’s Weekly

“My first encounter with Wendy Keller was through a CME presentation to our medical staff. I was impressed with her personality, communication style and subject matter knowledge. I decided to invite Wendy to speak…it was my desire to provide the front line staff with tools for the identification and management of burnout and the benefits of work-life balance. Wendy’s presentation was outstanding and well-received. The educational reviews were highly complimentary and staff personally thanked me for hosting the event.”

Debra L. Blankenship, Director, Utilization Management, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

“Your CME presentation was really well received. The audience felt that the information was interesting and practical, and there were numerous comments about the excellence of the presentation as well as expressed intentions to make changes in their own lives based on the advice you shared.”

Ardis Weiss, CME Coordinator, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

“The most valuable thing I learned today is that there are steps to take to prevent burnout. Don’t feel guilty for doing things for yourself. It was a wonderful presentation. I very much enjoyed it.”

Olga Desiatkin, Registered Nurse

“I learned a lot from this program. You have lots and lots of good information and I’m ready to get going. Normally, I get bored easily, but your speaking style really held my interest. Thanks for that, too.”

James Watkins

“I have realised through my journey in this world that sometimes we find Angels shining a light for all of us to see, to inspire us, when they have had to go through the darkest moment in life. You are an Angel. I cannot comprehend what you went through…Keep inspiring people, Wendy, keep showing people that although it is hard one can keep going on daily and help others along the way and make this a better place.”

Majid Khan

“A note of thanks for being a voice for those in need of your message of healing.  You have specifically impacted the life of a friend of mine in a positive way, even going to far as to personally respond to her message.  I have encouraged her to keep reading your material and believing that things can get better in spite of the tragedies she has had to endure….[because you’ve been through similar things], your words carry so much more weight.”