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Getting through it togetherHelping Humans Heal: Crisis Recovery Tactics for Teams


When any team, town, group, community or corporation goes through a collective crisis, they urgently need three things in this order:

—Comfort and compassion

—Hope for a brighter future

—A powerful, present support network

Skip any one of these components and people will suffer, the recovery period will be longer and productivity will plummet. 


The best support team your people will ever have is the other people facing the same crisis with them. With just a little guidance, encouragement and some guidelines, this compassionate program will help them become strong and loving toward one another, fostering friendships that can change the trajectory of their lives, their recovery time and their destinies.

Wendy’s unique, positive, compassionate, hope-filled, sensitively customized presentation will help any group of people suffering from a collective trauma evolve into a place of hope and encouragement.  The groups who benefit from this program are dealing with major issues such as:

  • Death or injury to key personnel
  • Mergers or acquisitions
  • Natural or other disasters
  • Terrorism or other crimes
  • Massive layoffs
  • Impending closure of the business or department

Different individuals respond to crisis differently.   Helping People Heal reaches each person wherever they are at on the response spectrum and provides solid comfort and realistic, applicable strategies for healing.  By learning how to help one another, they learn to help themselves.

—The Mission: Help People Feel Better Now and Return to a More Emotionally Balanced, Positive State of Mind as Soon as Possible.

When people know they have the ability to surmount a crisis,

they face it more courageously and recover from it more quickly.

Especially when terrible things happen to a group, there is a period of exceptional opportunity to grow into a community; to build wisdom as individuals; and to learn how to support one another in healthy, respectful ways. Every trauma is a powerful, unprecedented bonding opportunity that can transform your group into a strong, resilient family full of caring, committed, emotionally healthy individuals.

The 5 Principles of Coping with Crisis:

      1. Emotions are a normal response to massive change or pain.
        • Stifling them creates a whole new set of problems.
      2. Emotions can be managed in healthy and productive ways.
        • This frees the brain and body for full functioning in other critical areas of life. 
      3. Every person responds to trauma uniquely.
        • When you understand and respect another person’s trauma response style, you work together more smoothly.
      4. Discovering your personal trauma response style helps you recover faster.
        • This indicates the best ways for you to recover based on your own natural response style. 
      5. Group traumas require group healing.
        • Creating a supportive environment speeds healing, increases compassion and facilitates greater unity going forward.

Give your people the best chance to recover and discover their natural resilience by sharing this program with them.

Good things can come out of bad.

“Ms. Keller, you gave me so much hope and showed you really cared about everybody. Thank you very much. You have a big heart. Please keep doing this work and helping people.  You have a gift for it.”                      — Maria Gomez, Los Angeles



To discuss the sensitive nature of your group’s trauma and find out if Wendy is the right person for this time of need, just contact us here or call 800.278.8706 x711.