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Surprising Survival Strategies for When Life Hits You Hard

wendy keller motivational speakerHere’s the bad news:  Horrible things happen to good people.

Here’s the good news:  No matter what you’re facing, it’s survivable. And not only that, you can build a joyful, happy life out of the ashes of What Used To Be.  Promise.

When Wendy’s two children died in a car accident that left her heinously injured, her world became unfathomably bleak. Unwilling to commit suicide, she eventually realized “I’m still alive. I may as well make the best of it.”  This deceptively simple decision led her on a journey to discover the crisis survival techniques used by the “Heroes of History.”

It may shock you to learn that most of the people we think of as the “Heroes of History” were just average, normal people who were forced by circumstances to overcome some truly dreadful, awful crises in their lives.

Turns out, there are a number of common strategies that everyone who has overcome horrible things used (some or all of) to get through their own “dark night of the soul.”  When you learn their strategies and begin to apply them in your own life, you’ll feel a surprising surge of hope, joy and promise, no matter how dark and sad things seem right now.  That’s what Wendy did, and that’s what Wendy will share with you.

In this lively, upbeat program, you’ll explore the surprisingly similar survival secrets used by people like:

  • Mahatma Gandhi, world leader
  • Viktor Frankl, holocaust survivor
  • Joan of Arc, military leader
  • Nelson Mandela, former prison, world leader
  • Christopher Reeve, Superman
  • Stephen Hawking, world renowned physicist
  • Mother Teresa, humanitarian
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, revolutionary
  • Helen Keller, thought leader
  • Emily Pankhurst, English suffragette
  • Empress Theodora, Byzantine era
  • Magic Johnson, basketball superstar
  • and others.

What all these renowned, remarkable people have in common is this: they overcame substantial, astonishing difficulties to become the legends they are today.  They each found the power to transform their difficulties into astonishing accomplishments, meaningful lives and joyful living – despite what had happened to them.  When you use their methods, you’ll achieve similar results.

This inventive program is a multimedia romp through history that will infuse any audience with a sense of positivity, can-do attitude and joie de vivre. If they can do it, gosh! We can too!

 “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  — Mahatma Gandhi


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