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When living gets lost in the muddle of life…

by Wendy Keller

I’ve noticed that sometimes we human beings seem to get so caught up in the details of living our lives, we forget to live.  Two days ago, a friend asked me what I really want to achieve, and my instant first response was “I really need to get the car serviced.”  That startled me!  It’s made me muse on how much doing I do, and how little dreaming. 

Seems like many of us need to do a little more dreaming.

My FOUR Wishes for you (and myself!):

 That just for a moment today, you’d pause to realize your life is not just a series of To Do lists – that you are a living, shimmering, valued, magnificent member of this planet, entitled to live a life that brings you joy, love and peace.


I wish that TODAY, just because you’re reading this right this second, that you would take a moment to acknowledge yourself, your courage, your accomplishments, what’s good about you.  As adults, we are rarely surrounded by crowds of cheerleaders. Mostly, we pick out what others are doing wrong, or we pick on ourselves for our “flaws.”  Take a moment and reflect on your Self.  You’ve done good!  You’ve made it this far.  Give yourself a pat on the back.  You may not be where you thought you’d be, but this is where you are and you’re doing swell.  You’re right where you need to be, and you’re exactly who you are meant to be at this moment.

 That today, you’d choose to focus only on the beautiful things in your life, in your self, in your surroundings, in your family, in your world.  Now that my daughter is grown, I look at other people’s daughters and notice their adorable antics and precious ways.  Did I spend enough time savoring my own child when she was 7?   There’s a tree I see every single day – but I recently noticed that there’s a bird’s nest in it. How long has it been there?  My bathroom mirror usually reflects more flaws than assets.  The news is all about warring political campaigns and those poor suffering people in Syria.  Just for today, let’s call a truce on all the ugly things in our world.  Let’s focus only on what is good and beautiful and positive.

 I wish for you a few moments of personal, private, precious stillness.  That you would choose to breathe in the life that is yours to live, and reflect on the speed at which you are living it.  Sometimes, we all move so fast we don’t pause to notice if we are getting the results we want or just packing more stuff into each day.  Please consider giving yourself a short break today to observe your Self, your world, your life, your results, the beauty in and all around you.


Wishing each of you dear readers love, joy and peace in great abundance, today and always.  Thank you for pausing to read this blog.




  1. Thank you so much for this post.
    I read this and realized how good my life is and that I never give myself any credit…and I deserve it. This may also be the reason that some of my friends don’t value my friendship, like forgetting it was my birthday…
    It made me feel really bad, but I guess I’m going to be fine. I need to validate my own life and not wait on others for validation.

  2. All fulfilled before I even read the blog:) Had a low morning and spent the afternoon working on a library of nature photography I’ve compiled over the past 15 years – lost in the images and beauty for hours! EXCELLENT therapy 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Thanks for these words of encouragement. After reading these, I realized how beautiful my life is, that there’s lot to be thankful for..

  4. Thank you Wendy. I went through a horrible divorce two years years ago. I am now just having a difficult time learning to live alone after such a long time. I do need to focus on me and just think for a while. Your posts always make me feel better.

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