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Are you happy with your work?

Your life? 

What do you dream of achieving?

by Wendy Keller


Have you ever wondered in the deep down secret part of yourself if you’ve made the right choice?  Of a career, of an education, of a partner, or even…shhhh…to become a parent? (No one talks about that one!) A house or the car you drive? the city you live in?

How do you know you’ve made a right choice?  Is every day roses and sunshine? Money pouring in?  Rainbows of happiness and birds chirping?

Some days, I question choices I’ve made.  I wonder what would happen if I chucked it all and went off to teach business marketing in South America, or became a vagabond, drifting from archaeological dig to archaeological dig, scrounging around in the dirt for a past that wasn’t mine.  You probably have some escape fantasies of your own. We all do.

But what do escape fantasies mean?

When should you take action and when should you smile and blow them off?

I second guess myself a lot.  I go back and sift through decisions and ponder whether or not I made the right one, and wonder what I could have done to create a different outcome, even if I like the outcome I got.

It strikes me as evident that dreams of something better, more or even just different are normal for humans.  How do you know when to take them seriously?

a) When they follow you around night and day, rarely leaving your mind.

b) When you feel soulless, passionless and hopeless doing the thing you’re doing now.

c) When you figure you’re just biding your time between now and some future date (retirement, the kid going to college, the dog to die, for yourself to die.)

So if you’ve got one or more of those warnings in your head.  Now what?

Well, it seems pretty evident that you have to take action.  Soon! Standing in your misery won’t make it go away and just like how a “watched pot never boils” counting the minutes makes each one longer.  But what can you do? I know you can do this: Come up with a very long list of reasons why you can’t change anything at all.  Why you have to just suck it up and endure.

“Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.”  — Arthur Schopenhauer

If you want to find something else, the obvious first action step is to start looking for it, figuring out what that first step might be.  The flashlight that can guide you on your search is your own heart.  Pay attention to what thrills you or lights you up inside.  It is that trill of excitement that indicates where your real passion lies.  Follow the path.  See where it leads you.  It’s possible something wonderful awaits!


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  1. melody thompson says:

    Dear Wendy,

    I love reading your posts!! YOu always make me take a closer look at myself. Many times you encourage me when I feel down!! YOu are a very talented writer!! THANKS for sharing

    Sincerely, Melody T.

  2. Sometimes just writing out your real reasons for wanting to give something up shows what your REAL REAL reasons are!

    Feeling better about my life now.

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