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Humans are such weird creatures!

by Wendy Keller, earthling

Do you ever feel SO frustrated by your life you just want to SCREAM?  Me too. Sometimes, one stupid problem just keeps coming back, over and over and over.  It’s so frickin’ ANNOYING to have this same thing keep happening, isn’t it?

I know why it happens. YOU know why it happens. So why don’t we DO anything about it?

We know the reason the problem keeps returning is because we resist change. That’s weird about our species. We’re so smart.  We have the ability to predict likely outcomes.  Yet most of us cling so long and hard to the familiar that it makes our knuckles – and our hearts – bleed.

The decision to stop resisting change is True Liberation. You really do know in your heart what you need to do to change the situation.  Change what you’re doing, change what you’re thinking, change where you are or who you’re with or…something. Because something’s GOT to change.  I’m furious with myself today because a problem I created long ago keeps coming back to bite me.  You’ve been there.  We all have.

I knew I had to change my thinking to get rid of this problem, but I’m like a little kid diving off the high board for the first time – the leap is just so terrifying!  I get to the edge and I just can’t do it.

So Life, aka the Big Mean Bully, comes and shoves us off, doesn’t it?

Sink or swim, baby. You have to figure it out.  There’s a relief in that drastic leap being over, isn’t there?  There’s this sense that now that things have changed, new opportunities exist.  Now what? You’re still alive, apparently. What are you going to do about it?

Frustration is that feeling that happens before we make the change that we’re being goaded to make.


Relief is the feeling that happens when we just go ahead and do it, once and for all, boom!  It’s over.

I’m speaking to myself as much as I am to you when I say “Do it!”  Go for it.  Take your own darn leap! Make the bold decision that terrifies you but that you suspect will radically improve your quality of life.  Carpe diem!  Seize the day. Jump!

“50% of your decisions are going to be right, 50% are going to be wrong.  Your only choice is to decide faster.” — Peter Drucker


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  1. zahid durrani says:

    u r right wendy sometimes it just keep coming untill it let u down completely,this battle against life is too hard to fightout,why so ? is human that much mighty ? is nature that much cruel ? sometimes one wonders is it better not to live ,

    • Hang in there, Zahid. Whatever you’re going through – whatever any of us are going through – others have been through similar things and not only survived, but gone on to thrive and have happy, abundant lives. Peace to you.


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