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Do this NOW to change your mood NOW

by Wendy Keller, blogger, woman who cares

There are all kinds of different things you can do to punch a hole in your depression.  Sometimes, like a pin prick in a balloon, one punch is all you need.  Here’s a suggestion you can implement for free, right now, wherever you are and wherever you’re going:


Yep, that’s it. Notice what’s around you that’s pleasant.  People just released from prison often exclaim how much they missed the sunset. But even they can look up and see the clouds from the yard.  Notice how you’re breathing. Notice how you’re talking to that person. Take a moment to notice something in your surroundings that is pleasant to you.  Take a deep breath and smell the air – what scents can you notice?  Notice nature. Notice children laughing. Notice your pet being cute. Notice something – anything – that’s nice.

That’s it.  Just try it. Sometimes, we reject simple things because they sound dumb. But the more you notice the lovely things in life, the less time your brain has to pout, mope and stay depressed. No matter how bad this day is, give yourself a moment to Notice the parts that aren’t.


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