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The Truth about Getting Better

by Wendy Keller, occasional depression sufferer, blogger

Something amazing just happened and it can help you enormously.

Last Christmas, I wrote and gave away a free eBook for people who are dealing with sadness, depression, grief, loss, divorce, money troubles, stuff like that during the holidays (see below if you want a copy).  I offered it to a mailing list of people who have taken other eBooks from me over the last few years I’ve been doing this work.  Sometimes, people choose to fill out a form that tells me what they’re going through, which allows me to provide them with some customized help. 

Well, well, well.

I’ve gotten quite a few emails from people who got the new eBook.   Plenty are from people who write, “I’m doing a lot better now, thanks.”  (Some say my work has helped them!)  I decided to start looking them up, to see what it was they had been suffering from.  There are 22 potential life crisis issues on the form – from divorce to grief and depression.  There’s even a place to indicate if they are thinking about committing suicide!

Guess what?

The MAJORITY of people who wrote and told me they’re doing better had previously self-reported as suffering from severe depression or having suicidal thoughts.  The majority.

What does that tell you?

I’ve been deeply, horrendously depressed in my life, once for several years straight.  I can tell you I was 100%  certain it was never going to end.

Here’s what my experience and all these other people’s proves: It ends. It gets better. You can be happy again. 

It’s not stupid to feel sad. It’s not stupid to call Suicide Prevention and get some help. It’s not stupid to think that it will never end.  It’s not stupid to feel hopeless.  It IS stupid to act on those temporary feelings.

Because it does get better. I promise. Let it happen.


Click here if you want the free eBook titled

“Handling the Holidays” (even though they’re long since over)

(And no, you don’t have to fill out the form unless you want to!)





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