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Try it!  Whaddya got to lose?

by Wendy Keller, compassionate blogger, chocolate eater

You’ve probably heard the phrase “What you think about becomes your reality” and “You get what you focus on.”  But knowing why these oft-used phrases work will help you use the happiness trick I’m about to share – any time and any place you want.

Imagine you’re on your way to an important activity like picking up your child after school or a business meeting, and you’re running a little late. You feel a little stressed, anxious.  You become laser-focused on how to get there the quickest way possible, on how the clock is ticking, on how fast you are or aren’t moving.

But you’re not always focused on the path or the clock.  You’re not always focused on your heartbeat or your speed of movement.  Funny how when you’re running late, you suddenly have one clear goal and your brilliant brain is scanning for the fastest way to achieve it.

Voila!  That’s the trick for feeling happier, too!

Happiness is a feeling, not a destination (like your meeting), but improving your happiness right this  minute can be a goal.

Try this simple 3-part tip:

 Scan your environment quickly for anything that is NOT making you unhappy – things that are great, good or even just good enough. Maybe it’s great weather, there’s a bird singing in the tree, your boss is out for the day, you have your favorite shoes on, the sight of your pet.  Jot them down fast. 

Now actively apply your brain to the goal – LOOK around you for obstacles on your clear-cut path to experiencing more happiness.  Look for the little annoyances, the big annoyances and the big troubles. Jot them down, too.  

Take action on one thing, however small. For instance, if the rattling of your air conditioner’s motor is really getting on your nerves, either turn it off and consider the heat pleasant; fix it, replace it or hire someone to fix it.  If the stack of bills is crushing your soul, pick out the smallest one and pay just it.

Taking action on just one of the obstacles in your way will make you feel more empowered and may inspire you to make major changes.  And acknowledging how many things are NOT causing you unhappiness has the magical effect of increasing your happiness, according to numerous studies (go figure!)

This isn’t difficult, you can do it in a few minutes or less, and once you try it, you may find it becomes a pleasant and worthwhile habit.  You may find your daily happiness level increasing to the point where you can honestly say to yourself, “I’m having a pretty good life!” 

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