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The Value of Skill and Flexibility

by Wendy Keller, author, inspirational speaker, compassionate woman

On my morning walk alongside the sea wall, I came upon a snowy white egret searching for breakfast among the rocks.  At first, it was wary of my presence.  We eyed one another for a while.  Then it so slowly and cautiously resumed its task while I watched motionless.

It darted its head into the water emerged with a beakful. I could see a tiny fish wriggling for freedom.  Two gulps and it was bird food.  The remarkable thing was the egret’s incredible precision. A lifetime spent dependent on being able to catch a fast, tiny fish has honed the bird’s skills to the highest possible level.

It’s amazing what we can learn when we’re hungry enough.

It seems to me that we humans are not all that different. Sometimes life pushes us to the very brink, far beyond the edge of what we believe we are capable of handling.  We have the Eternal Choice: Adapt or Die.

Species that have gone extinct have apparently “chosen” the latter.

Clinging to ways things should be means we continue to get the problems we’ve always gotten.  Learning new skills for coping, for surviving, for finding our version of the tiny fish becomes mandatory when life forces us to the very edge.  “Resistance is Futile”.  Being willing to change, to grow, to learn new skills while keeping focused on what we want to have happen next is important.  But I believe so is this addendum to every wish, every prayer:  “This or something better is coming into my life right now.”   When we are attached to only ONE way of things being, of “miracles” happening, of good things working out, we limit the ability of Life to provide.

No matter what you’re hungry for, open your beak and say, “Yes, Life! I’m here. I’m ready!”  And watch closely so you can nab what swims by.


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