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Improving your self-care

by Wendy Keller, author, blogger, woman who cares


When you’re facing a big decision in life, whose needs come first?  The people you care about or yourself?

Does your heart seem to tug you in one direction but your brain weighs you down with all the reasons you can’t have what you want, do what you want, say or feel what you want?

I have a friend who has had a job he’s hated for nearly 21 years.  He says, “I can’t leave because I had to put my daughter through college.”  Except when he started, she was only 3 years old! She’s graduating university now, but he has no plans to change.

I have a close girlfriend who tolerates but doesn’t love her husband – going on 28 years together. They have no intimacy of any kind – not conversation, not physical. She always said, “We need to stay together for the kids.”  That made sense in some ways for a long time, except their youngest is now in his mid-20s.

What about you?

What Big Dream do you have that would so radically change your life, yet you make up stories about the world around you not being able to handle your emergence as your full, real, bright, powerful, competent self? Yeah, it’s scary to think about drastic change for the better.

There’s always going to be risk.

Let me ask you this:  Are you getting any younger?  Is it getting any better?

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

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