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Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

by Wendy Keller

There’s one little thing that separates those who give up and accept the heartache, pain, drama, trauma and difficulties in life as their unfortunate lot.  It’s the single ingredient in those who “survive” and those who even somehow manage to “thrive” after bad things happen.

It’s free to everyone.

It’s completely calorie free.

It’s relatively rare and thus semi-precious.

It can be difficult to keep once you get it.

It is the most potent predictor of your recovery.


You have to believe that things could get better.  You don’t have to get all the way to believing that they will. That’s too much to ask for some folks.  Just that there’s a possibility that they could.  That things won’t always hurt this much. That life won’t always be this hard.  That you’ll feel better someday.

I’m not talking about religious belief, although if that’s your cup of tea it can help.  I’m talking about just the tiny seed from which hope grows: the idea that maybe this too shall pass.

And it will.

The way we nurture belief into the flourishing, fruitful tree of hope is by focusing on the possibility it implies. This works because your thoughts are made manifest in the world around you. Your thoughts create the version of reality you see and experience.  Choose to believe things could get better, and millimeter by millimeter, they will.

Believe that things MIGHT improve someday and you will soon find yourself harvesting hope in your life.



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  1. Thank you for this insightful blog, Wendy. I’d like to have a poster of it to put on my wall in my room. Have you thought of creating posters of some of your blogs? I bet they’d go like wild fire! Thank you for the positive thoughts. They are all true, just difficult to remember when one is in the middle of a tragic event, or emotional breakdown. God bless you.

    • Melanie,

      It IS difficult to control our emotions and to think positively when we’re in the midst of emotional chaos. In my opinion, the best we can do is glimpse the safe harbor ahead from time to time while we battle through the stormy sea. Sending you love and good wishes.


  2. Thanks, I knew after losing our son 9 years ago this month, that I was surviving much better than others around me in the same circumstances, I knew I had my faith in God and I knew that helped, but I had not thought of it quite the way you put it. Belief in the future……that is a totally different faith. That is why I can smile and celebrate without guilt. Thank you.

    • Debbie,

      I am so very sorry to hear your son is gone. I have found that belief in even a slightly better future, right here and now in this lifetime, is something to buoy us through the low points. Sending you love and good wishes.


  3. Deb Knudsen says:

    Thank you Wendy, this is exactly what I needed to remind myself of today. I was too “wollowing” to muster it up. So a big thank you for doing it for me. Thank you for being a friend today!

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