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There’s a secret that helps people who are suffering in a way that can only be called “counter-intuitive”.  It’s been called the “elixir of life”, the “Magic Formula” and the “First Principle of Success”.  It’s even what makes grown-ups popular, businesses succeed and troubles soften.

What is it? What is it!

It is…encouragement.  When we’re down and depressed, mired in our own pain, it’s easy to forget to take action to encourage others.  But by that very act, we transform another life – even if only for a moment.  And surprisingly, the payback is that somehow, it simultaneously improves our own.

Crazy, huh?

Try it out. If you’re feeling bleak, black or blue right now, make it a point to say something nice or encouraging to one out of every two people you talk to today. Start with your family, of course. You’re invited to just go wild and say something encouraging to every one of them, just for practice. You aren’t allow to say just an expressionless, meaningless “You look nice today, Theresa” mumbled at a co-worker. What I mean is this: Focusing on another person long enough to pick out one thing – large or small – that you sincerely like, respect, admire or appreciate about him or her.

Most of you dear, wonderful people who read my blog posts are hurting in some way. One way to stop hurting so much is to distract yourself. One way to distract yourself is by consciously forcing yourself to focus on the people and the world around you.

When you say something nice to someone else, it makes their burdens a little lighter…and magically lightens your own!


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  1. Every day carry with you one positive affirming thought and use it to sweep away any dirt of negativity that comes your way.

    To encourage is to empower two souls!

  2. My work is overwhelming but I make it as habit to read your blogs. Everyday you inspires and give me all new perspective while empowering my goals. Thank you.

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