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“How to Match Your Work with Your Best Gifts and Talents”

by Wendy Keller

People who do what they are naturally gifted at are always “lucky”.  They excel in their careers.  They are the last ones to be let go.  They are the ones everyone else admires.  Sometimes, they become world famous.  They are the ones who believe “Do what you love and the money will follow”, not the ones who plead “Help me find a job.”

What about you?  Is your work aligned with what comes naturally for you?  With your true gifts and talents?

If not, why not?

Did someone tell you your dreams were stupid when you were a kid?

Did you try and fail on your first attempt? (Who succeeds on their first attempt at anything, anyway?!?!)

Did you decide you have to “grow up” and get serious and give up what you care about just to put bread on the table?

Or are you just too chicken to give it a real shot?

If you – yes, you – have a gift, a talent, something you’re naturally good at – and you’re not using it, not sharing it with the world, not making a living at it – then you are cheating yourself, your family and the rest of us. Period.

My friend Marc Hardy, author of the upcoming book “Sharing Fire”, says that oftentimes, the reason we don’t ACT on what we know our gifts are is because someone somewhere along the trail said we weren’t good enough.  His work is about people mentoring others, so I’m here today as the Good Fairy to mentor you. I’ve helped a LOT of people achieve their dreams in my professional life, and I’ve achieved many of my own dreams, too.  Want some sage advice?

Start Now. Feel the freakin’ fear and do it anyway.

You ain’t gettin’ any younger.  The longer you hide your light under that bushel basket, the longer it’s going to be dark until you can start making a difference in your life, in your level of daily joy, in the world.

  • If you can write, write.

  • If you can sing, sing.

  • If you can sell, sell.

  • If you can organize, organize.

  • If you can paint, paint.

  • NO! The rest of us CANNOT do it as well as you. Because that’s your GIFT.  We’ve got different ones.

STOP taking your gifts and talents for granted.

You have them for a reason! 

Want to know what your gifts and talents ARE?  The things that come so easily for you that you can’t figure out why others can’t do it as well as you.

Whatever you can do, DO IT.  Just start.  ESPECIALLY if you’re currently unemployed or under-employed!  Figure out the fastest, easiest way to start using your gift THIS VERY MINUTE!  ***DON’T EVEN READ THE END OF THIS POST!***  Just figure out ONE way to get started.

Maybe if your dream of becoming a famous singer was squashed because you had a baby too young, then make up some flyers that offer your services singing at weddings.

If you’ve been talking for years about writing that book, sit down today – right now – and type the next 10 pages.  You can always edit later.

If your skill is cooking, baking, customer service, taking care of little kids, photography, begin now.  Start a business.  Start a part-time hobby that you charge for.  Start volunteering to do it for places where there are people who will eventually pay you for your services.

IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT IT IS – if you love it and you’ve got an aptitude for it and ESPECIALLY if it’s what you’ve “ALWAYS” wanted to do – then TODAY is your lucky day! 

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has YOUR name on it!  Just start.  Start NOW.  NOW is more important than WHAT.  Just begin. Just get going.  Just take one step in the right direction and then, whenever the next one appears, take that one too.

You CAN do this, but you have to take that first step off the cliff.  IGNORE your fears! DO what you were meant to do.  LIVE your wildest talents and dreams. Seize your life – TODAY!

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