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I’m a big fan of don Miguel Ruiz. He wrote a book called “The Four Agreements” that my then-friend Casey Hallenbeck gave me.  As a literary agent, when Casey gave me the book and said, “It’s going to be a huge best seller” I thought, “Yeah, right!  I’ve heard that 10,000 times!”

I was wrong. Way, way, way, way wrong.

Not only did it become a best seller – deservedly so – but it was instrumental in changing some aspects of my own life

Don Miguel’s company sends out inspirational tidbits every day. Today’s was on how people say so many negative things to ourselves like: “I look fat”; “I am so stupid”; “I will never get this”; and so on. He asked us to consider how we use words against ourselves.

Immediately, this arrow pierced my heart. I DO say awful things to myself daily. I think secretly most of us do.

But if I say mean things to myself about myself, and I am part of the world, then it’s easy for that negativity to spill over into how I think about and judge others.  If one believes we are truly all connected (and I do!), then the responsibility to speak compassionately to ourselves, to say good things, means that it is also crucial that we speak positively of all people, all the time.


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