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Wendy Keller motivational speakerThere’s a chance that you’re like most people.

There’s a chance that what you see in the mirror isn’t even close to representing who and what you really are. (The real mirror or the internal mirror.)

Most humans have a built in “fault finding” mechanism.

We compare ourselves to others and find ourselves lacking.

But even worse, we tend to avoid seeing the things that are actually great about us…or pretend we have things that we fear we do not.

A True Story:

25 years ago, my girlfriend married a man named Bob.

He was the biggest blow-hard I had ever met. To listen to him talk, you’d think ol’ Bob was an NFL football top pick (although he’d only played in high school); that he was constantly bombarded by women wanting to marry him (although I never observed anyone except my friend who could tolerate him for long); and that he was likely to become the CEO of a multi-national company one day (I think he manages a grocery store now).
Back then, I thought Bob was about the most annoying man I’d ever met.

Turns out, he was tooting his own horn because inside, he felt like all he had was a piccolo. Under all that bravado, he actually felt pretty bad about himself. He’d had a rough childhood, full of challenges and disappointments, and parents who weren’t supportive.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve met other people like Bob – who are pretending to be something they’re not. I’ve met many more who don’t seem to like themselves very much, don’t see their true beauty and the gifts they bring to the world.

The following 3 concepts will help you get a clearer image of yourself and your importance in the world. Reflect on them and you’ll feel better about the person you really are.


1. Have you helped another person in the last week?

It could have been a kind word; helping a child tie his shoe; making a meal for someone else or calling a friend to cheer him or her up. Your willingness to help others, cheer them on or up, even open a door for the person behind you…these are the little things good people like you do to make the world a better place. Don’t discount your acts of service! Recognize that if the whole world was full of people like you, it would be an even nicer planet to live on. Reflect on the inner beauty you are shining on the world every time you do something kind for another.

2. Have you done something to take care of yourself?

It may not seem evident at first, but every time you take care of your health, your home, your car, your job – you are doing something meaningful for the human race in some small but meaningful way. And that makes you a beautiful contributor to a smoothly functioning society.

>> Did you do something as simple as get your car washed? You’re providing revenue for the car wash owner, which allows him or her to pay his employees, pay the taxes that help in your city and state, and make a livelihood for himself. You did an act of service by choosing that location, while you were doing something to care for yourself. (Double whammy!)

>> By choosing to eat a green vegetable, you’re prolonging your life and increasing your health one bite at a time. This reduces the stress on the healthcare system, saves money, reduces the amount of sick time you need to take off, allows you to take care of your responsibilities. That’s valuable. That’s meaningful. Your choice supports jobs for farmers and farm workers, semi truck drivers, grocery store clerks and more.  We sometimes think we have to “cure cancer” to be doing something important. Nope. Success is built on mundane, right decisions taken one after the other.  Your small trickle joins a stream that joins a river.  Your choice matters – inside your body and inside the world.

3. Did you learn anything new lately?

Your school days are long past, but most grown-ups realize you learn far more out of school than you ever did in it! Important life lessons are all around you – if you’re paying attention. People often complain, “I keep having the same problem!” and fail to notice the problem is the result of repeating the same behavior. So I ask you again, “Did you learn anything new lately?”

Maybe you learned…

>> How to get one task done in less time, at a higher level of quality – at work or at home
>> A new way to bring a smile to a child’s face
>> The best grocery store in your neighborhood to save money
>> A better way to resolve complaints from customers or co-workers
>> A smarter way to manage your money
>> The distance between Mars and Pluto
>> A word in a new language – or your own
>> The best way to encourage a friend or a loved one
>> A new recipe
>> 3 ways to feel better about yourself 😉

How can learning – anything – make you feel better about yourself? How does it make you more beautiful as a person? If you’re still learning stuff, you’re still growing. Your brain is still working. If you’re not still growing, you’re declining. The moment you stop learning you start losing. So the fact that you can learn, are willing to learn new tricks and that you took a moment to notice that you’re learning should make you feel all warm and fuzzy about yourself.

These three unusual points to ponder will set you up for feeling better about yourself, not just today but every day you remember them. And you can do one more thing, too, that will make you feel good: share this article online or in printed form with other people who could use a lift in their spirits, too.

Look in the emotional mirror and smile. You’re a valuable, unique person and it’s going to be a good day for you.

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