Wendy Keller Cirriculum Vitae


wendy keller speaker[dropcap]W[/dropcap]endy studied journalism at Arizona State University and went on to have a successful journalism career.  This honed her interest in asking questions and searching for answers.

When both her children died in a car accident in 1991 and she was grievously injured (click here to see details) she eventually turned her journalism skills to finding out IF and HOW people recover from horrible life events.

Interacting with hundreds of bereaved parents led to the work evident on this website, which encompasses support, help and practical guidance for anyone trying to overcome the stressful events in their life, whether generated by their own personal traumas or by the experience of others’ suffering, as in the case of doctors, soldiers, first responders, NGO personnel and others.


Wendy continually researches advances in brain science to discover and share the best techniques for coping with trauma, emotional stress, PTSD and other diagnoses.   Some of the research on which her work for medical professionals is based can be seen here.


Don’t just think about it – call Wendy to discuss whether or not her content is a good fit for your group.
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