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Dear Wendy, Where to start. At the age of 8 yrs old I was sexually, mentally and physically abused by my father for 22 yrs. I meant a man who I thought Loved me, But didn’t. we had a son together. Eight months into the marriage we divorced. He meant another woman. I raised my son on my own for 2 yrs. Till I meant my second husband. We were married for 15 yrs. Divorced as he found someone else. My third marriage I knew this man for sometime before we got married. Which ended as well. Last July 1st weekend I was Brutally sexually assaulted by a guy I was dating off and on.. He is up on charges. I am still in the pre trial stages. My father passed away in 2009. He died a horrible death. I forgave him for what he did to me years ago. But since my fathers death I have not spoken or heard from my mother. And her and I were close. I have not heard or talked to my 2 brothers or 2 sisters in 3 yrs. I have no family , just my son. I have no home, I rent a room where my son lives at. He rents a room as well. I cannot afford a apt. of my on as I am on a disability pension. Not a lot of money to live on.
I think my point in telling you all this is this, If I can survive so much in my short 51 yrs of life, with next to no help form anyone, I think we are strong women.

Only the strong can survive..
My name is Sheri and I am woman, Hear me roar.


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