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I’m a single mother of two children. I have been in an on and off relationship with my children’s father since 2004. The relationship had it’s up and downs and I wanted my children to have a two parent home. During October 2014 we decided to make the relationship work. At the time I was full time case manager with an agency while being in graduate school full time. During that the my children’s father thought it will be better for me to stop working since he had a better job to support the family. When i started school full time my relationship went sideway. We were arguing more and he became physical toward me where I had to actually fight him before going to school. It was to the point were I was going to school with blood on my clothes and putting on a happy face. Of course he apologized for his behavior and thought we should get married. During February 2015 he proposed and of course i said yes thinking all the bad things will change. Skipping to June 2015. That was the worst day of my life. I found out he was cheating on me and he was in an altercation that lead to me being physically harmed by how him. I remembered getting dressed as usual and taking the kids to summer camp and daycare. My left eye was bruised and my left eye area was swollen. I went to get a restraining order. Later that day i received a knock on the door and it was the child protective investigator and police. At that time i froze. Since i had requested a restraining they had to investigate the case. Since having a restraining order against my children’s father he has not been helping out financial with them. I working full time and taking care of my children. I moved two hours away to take a better job. The case went to trial and he was found not guilty. At that time i felt that he got away with the abuse and he felt that he wasn’t going to help with the children. My children father was texting me putting me down as a person and saying how he got away with it. I’m finally starting the process of child support and visitation. I feel that I can’t breathe at times and I try to push everything i feel away to keep going . It seems that i don’t feel and emotions when it come to myself. I laughed with my kids and coworkers but that’s not me being truly happy it’s just a face i put on. I just want to be truly happy and have peace and joy with my children.


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