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Helpful Video Mini-Course: Surviving the Death of Your Child

A Grief Recovery Program for Bereaved Parents

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If you’re reading this, you already know the unfathomable anguish, emotional devastation and incomprehensible pain that accompanies the death of your own child.

When both my children died in a car accident in 1991 (shown in the photo a few weeks before), I spent years in a fog of unending sorrow, impossible grief and bottomless sadness.  I remember being at their funeral in my new wheelchair, looking at those two little caskets, thinking I was about to start screaming and I would never, ever stop.

But I did stop, eventually.  And not only that, I built a life for myself out of the ruins of the one I had with Jeremy and Amelia.  In fact, people who meet me today are astonished if they discover I’ve endured such great tragedy, because I’ve gone on to raise a whole, happy, healthy daughter (now 22, flourishing at university, conceived with the same father after their deaths.)  I’ve created an internationally successful business.  I’ve become a completely different person.  The website you’re on right now – with the tens of thousands of people who are helped by this work – could never have happened were it not for that loss.  Not only that, I am genuinely happy often.

Would I trade every good thing since (except my living daughter) to have my dead children back?  In a heartbeat – you know that one yourself.

I’m living proof that you CAN survive. You CAN thrive.  You CAN have joy, happiness, peace and even hope again.

In this compassionate webinar exclusively for parents whose children have died (at any age, born or unborn), I will share:

  • How you can survive – I did it and so have others
  • The “Little Billy” principle and why it can change your life if you let it
  • Pain Badges and how they harm us
  • The 5 stages of parent grief
  • How long it takes before you can start to live again
  • Coping with the “new normal”
  • More

I thought long and hard about whether I’d ever do this particular topic, because this message lives at the very core of my being.  But then, I realized that I would have done anything to hear a message like this after my beloved children died. I needed to know there was hope, a reason not to end my life when it felt like it had ended already, a reason to wake up again tomorrow.  That’s why I’m doing this for you.

I promise to share honestly, to give generously of all I’ve learned in the years since their deaths and to leave you feeling better than you do right this minute.