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Helpful Video Mini-Course - How to Shut Up the Bully in Your Head - Releasing Self-Sabotage

Don't let negative self-talk keep you down

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By the time most people get to adulthood, a nasty bully is stuck in your head, picking on us all day long, making life a misery.  It may sound just like your critical parent, the mean bully from school, an unkind sibling or a bad teacher.  The bully’s voice is your personal collection of cruel self-talk and unfair self-judgment. It comes from the people whose words or actions made you feel bad – guilty- dirty – wrong – sinful – ashamed – or mistrustful of yourself when you were just a defenseless little kid.

It’s time to whoop that bully’s you-know-what!

Even though the phenomenon is common, the havoc that vicious voice wreaks is astonishing!  Often, the cruel things that bully in your head says to you are far, far worse than anything you’d ever say to another human being.  This pest needs to be exterminated!

In this video training that you can watch on your computer, mobile device or simply listen to, you will benefit from positive, practical strategies to hear that voice and learn to talk back.  This will help you become more confident, happier, less stressed and more peaceful on a daily basis.  You might even start listening to that other, quiet voice that tells you you’re A-OK and that you’re doing a good job. Imagine how that would transform your outer world!

Join this workshop and you will soon discover:

  • Tell-tale signs the bully in your head has been working overtime
  • How to separate that voice and trace it to its source
  • 3 things you can do daily to get the bully to leave you alone
  • Learning to listen to what it says – and talk back
  • Practicing release – how to let yourself be yourself
  • Crafting happiness by listening to the other voice

When you complete this video training, you will be able to recognize the difference between the bully’s voice and your own true self.  You’ll have easy, useful strategies to shut it up; and you’ll be able to find creative ways to increase your happiness by listening to the healthy, complimentary voice.