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Helpful Video Mini-Course: Dealing with Divorce or the End of your Relationship

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When a romantic relationship ends, some people are relieved because they finally made the decision. Others are filled with grief, anger, shame, fear or even outright trauma. Wherever you are on the spectrum, the first years or so after your relationship ends are rocky for most people. This hope-filled program will really help you handle the negative emotions, face your fears and manage your former partner more effectively.

  • 5 Tools for Handling Negative Emotions
  • Alone Again – not so naturally
  • The 3 best ways to manage your former spouse – no matter how crazy they’ve become
  • Resolving your feelings in a healthy way
  • Finding peace again

Divorce is tumultuous. It turns your world upside-down forever. This program helps you minimize the damage and get your life together faster.

This is the top-rated program in the series – highest response rate, highest results.