Feel Better Faster

Session One: Hope and Hopelessness

Our emotions trigger chemicals in our brains and the chemicals trigger emotions. Sometimes, we can’t tell the difference. Depression and anger are a type of whitewash we try to use to cover up the emotions we feel over the things that happen in our lives. There is a way to pick your way out of your emotional state, and it starts with a deceptively simple step. In this healing video, you’ll:

  • Consider that many historic figures are considered “great” because they overcame difficult things – just like you are doing
  • Be introduced to the core philosophy of this successful program
  • Hear a story that just might inspire you to keep trying
  • See how hope can make all the difference in your recovery
  • Discover one simple way YOU can find something to hope for, even when life seems the most hopeless

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.” –Desmond Tutu