Could You Use a Little Comfort, Coaching and Compassion
to Help You Through this Rough Spot in Your Life?


Would an objective friend who has some life experience and good advice

be useful to you?

I’d be honored to help and support you through this challenging experience. I have been able to give many people a new perspective on what they are facing, and lead them to see options, coping methods and solutions. These are often invisible when you are in pain.

Here’s How It Works:
1. Coaching sessions are $125 per hour. They can be done via Skype or phone, your choice. Each session is 70 minutes long, which allows us to spend a good solid hour together, despite whatever technology or timing issues may conspire against us. You have the option of requesting in advance that your session be recorded, so you can review it later.
2. When you purchase your session, you will immediately be emailed a link that will help you choose the time that works best with your schedule.
3. At the appointed time, you initiate the call – either by phone or Skype. I’ll be eager and waiting to talk to you.
That’s it! My goal is to give you objective, compassionate feedback; a fresh perspective; and to support you as you heal and recover from this experience.

Wendy Keller Coaching

Discount Package: Four (4) sessions for $400. You are eligible for this reduced rate only after you have completed your first session.

Wendy Keller is not a certified therapist nor a licensed mental health professional. By purchasing consulting time with Wendy, you agree to take 100% responsibility for wisely, safely and responsibly evaluating and applying any ideas, suggestions, advice or perspectives shared.
If you are suicidal, please DO NOT sign up for coaching here!
In the USA, please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline immediately at 1-800-273-8255. They are open 24/7.