Stop hurting start healing

Stop Hurting and Start Healing

What to Do When Bad Things Happen to You

“You don’t have to stay sad, stuck and suffering. I’ve filled this eBook with direct, practical solutions to your pain—the best strategies I’ve collected in more than two decades of searching. Let’s begin to help you feel better, starting now.”

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On Happiness and Sorrow

Is there more happiness or more sorrow in your life right now? Four friends have…

How Do You Heal from Anguish?

Chances are, if you were drawn to the title of this blog, you know the…

What to Do If Donald Trump Makes You Nervous

Normally, I stay out of politics.  But listening to and/or reading various news feeds from…

3 Things You Can Do NOW To Make Your Life Better NOW

It’s easy to think things will never change, or that we are powerless to change…

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